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HanuMan, starring Teja Sajja, Will Not Be Released on OTT? What is Acknowledged

<p>HanuMan, a film directed by Prashanth Varma and starring Teja Sajja, revolutionized the superhero genre. It demonstrates to the world that even with a tight budget, a fantastic superhero film can be produced. In only 15 days after its release, the movie has made around Rs 256 crore at the box office on a mere Rs 40 crore budget. HanuMan has received a ton of positive feedback from both reviewers and viewers, who have praised the film’s plot, action scenes, visual effects, and religious themes. HanuMan is doing well in the Hindi and Telugu markets. You will need to wait a little over a month if you haven’t seen the movie on the big screen and are anticipating its OTT release. The film’s popularity has caused the initial OTT release date to be rescheduled.</p>
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<p>Zee5 had obtained the streaming rights for HanuMan, and the movie was originally scheduled to be released three weeks after its premiere. The deal has been changed since the film is still doing well in theaters. According to sources, the film might get its Zee5 premiere on March 2. Fans are still waiting for an official confirmation of this.</p>
<p>At the HanuMan success meet in Hyderabad recently, Teja Sajja thanked the crowd for showing such affection for the movie. Teja Sajja said, “As actors, it is our duty to thank the technical team during success meets because without their efforts, it is not possible to deliver good output.” “Our DOP, Siva Garu, worked on the project for two years, and our art director, Nagendra Garu, gave it all he had. Our music director, Gowra Hari, worked very hard on HanuMan and created a fantastic BGM. His music enhanced the intensity of several situations. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar Garu was my co-star, thus I did well. Amrita Aiyer is very dedicated to her work. Vinay Rai Garu made a remarkable return with HanuMan. Teja Sajja also praised director Prashanth Varma for his huge dreams and producer Niranjan Reddy for trusting in the team.</p>

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