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“Some stories are meant to be incompleted”

Aadhar published his first book, a Fiction novel back in 2018, named ‘Unfinished…. some love stories are meant to be incomplete’. From the name one might feel it’s a love story, but it’s not just a love story, it’s a love story involving a thrilling mystery, a mystery about a death.


Viraj and Manav are thick friends and study in the same college. They come from different backgrounds and even though Viraj is quite rich and Manav poor, that doesn’t affect their friendship. Viraj is more of a cool playboy types and Manav is shy types. Viraj always runs behind random girls and that always got him and Manav into trouble. When Ananya enters their life they become a group of 3 best friends. They hang out together, study together and are inseparable. All goes well, until both Viraj and Manav fall in love with Ananya. But who will she like? Years later, when everything is going good, one of them is found dead with a suicide note in hand. Police, on investigating, are unable to determine the cause of death. But who has died? Is it really a suicide or a murder? Will the real truth be out and will the police be able to solve the mystery?


Unfinished…. some love stories are meant to be incomplete’ is a gripping tale of friendship and love, with enormous twists and turns, to keep you guessing till the end.


It is a short and quick read which can be completed reading in a day. The book starts with the news of suicide which creates an exciting and thrilling mood. The story moves between the past and the present and some parts are narrated in the form of a diary. It is fast paced and the language is easy. Those who have read it have always felt the eagerness to know about the death mystery and it blows their mind when they get to know. The ending is everything. Altogether a short and thrilling story on love and friendships.


He is a Project Manager and have worked with various Investment Banks for the last 14+ years, and his work involves financial numbers, global regulations, stakeholder management, data governance, etc. But writing is something that gives him immense pleasure, makes him relax. After a 10-12 hrs a day at work, 1 hr of writing literally takes the stress of his shoulders. 


He started writing since his school or high-school days but that was more of a hobby and he never took it seriously until 2012 when he moved cities for his work. It was then that he started writing a bit more regularly and took it a bit more seriously. He had a group of friends, who he narrated the short stories that he had written and they constantly gave him their feedback from which he would understand how good or bad a particular story is. 


In fact the novel that he wrote and published, when he first narrated the raw version of it to his brother, he made a mockery of it and made the murder/suicide mystery sound like a comedy, which made him think how much immature the story was back then. There were so many things to be told, to be added, to be removed, to be changed, and he felt that he need to do that if he intended to publish it and bring it in front of the larger audience.


When he started to write this novel, the way he initially wrote it, narrated the story was very different than what it ultimately turned out to be. After writing about 3 chapters, he was kind of not happy and completely scraped them and pondered over a different idea of narrating the story. 


From their onwards the story was narrated in a little different way, some more angles came into existence, which one might see while reading the book before the book was in the form it is today. 


While you read the book, you will notice that at some places he has given extra thought and effort to write about the place, the room, the surroundings where a particular scene is being narrated or the story is being told. There was a specific reason for that, and that is because in today’s world where we are surrounded by so much of short-reels, videos, its more easier for anyone to narrate a story via a video, something you don’t have the liberty of as an author. He felt when one reads the book, if he can write it in a way that the reader can visualise the scene, it might have more effect on them and take them more closer to the story.


And while the complete manuscript of the book was ready, it still took him over 2 months just to think for an apt title of the book, which was partially derived from one of episodes of the American sitcoms that he is a big fan off.


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