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41-year-old Indian Australian  found a new lease of life by the transplant team at Kauvery Hospital Vadapalani

Chennai, 2nd March  2024: Kauvery Hospital Vadapalani, a unit of Kauvery Group of Hospitals a leading multi-speciality healthcare chain in Tamil Nadu successfully performed kidney transplant on a 41-year-old man. But what makes this transplant different? For this determined individual, life had taken a daunting turn when the transplant team in Melbourne ruled out the option of a kidney transplant, leaving him with the bleak prospect of continued dialysis. Having already undergone two kidney transplants over the past two decades, both of which eventually failed, he was confronted with the challenges and risks that another transplant would entail. 

Understanding the limitations of a life bound to dialysis, which offered only a few more compromised years, he harboured a strong desire to witness his daughter grow and secure his family’s future. This stubborn will to live a healthier and more fulfilling life prompted him to explore the possibility of another transplant despite the formidable risks of rejection and infection. 

In search of a second opinion, he reached out to the eminent transplant team at Kauvery Hospital. After meticulous evaluation, his wife and younger brother emerged as potential kidney donors. Despite challenges, the team selected his younger brother as the donor. However, complications arose as the patient had antibodies against his brother’s kidney in significant strength, coupled with rare antibodies (AT1R and anti-endothelial antibodies) in his blood, raising the risk of rejection by 80%. 

Undeterred, the transplant team at Kauvery Hospital took up the challenge of this difficult transplant. Understanding that transplantation offered the best chance at reclaiming his life, he willingly embraced the carefully chosen desensitization protocol, leading to a challenging yet successful transplant surgery. 

Post Surgery, the team closely monitored the transplanted kidney for potential antibody- related injuries, requiring expert intervention.  One month after the surgery, he triumphed over challenges, free from dialysis. His kidney function is back to normal, and he has happily regained a healthy, normal life.  

Dr Prabhu Kanchi, Nephrologist and Dr Swaminathan Sambandam an acclaimed kidney transplant surgeon at Kauvery Hospital Vadapalani, expressed their satisfaction: “This remarkable case epitomizes our commitment to providing advanced medical solutions even in the face of complex challenges. The patient’s unwavering determination and our team’s expertise synergized to create a life-transforming outcome.”

Dr. Aravindan Selvaraj, Co-founder & Executive Director of Kauvery Hospitals said, “Much appreciation to the patient for his determination to go through with yet another transplant and for choosing to put his trust and faith in us. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and dedicated medical professionals bear testimony to our commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare. Kudos to        Dr. Prabhu Kanchi and Dr. Swaminathan Sambandam and their team for pushing the boundaries of medical excellence thereby offering hope for patients.”

The success story of this patient stands as a testament to Kauvery Hospital Vadapalani’s dedication to transforming lives through groundbreaking medical interventions. The hospital continues to be a beacon of hope for patients facing complex medical conditions, delivering exceptional care and fostering a brighter future.

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