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Luxurious Furniture from China, Dubai, and Europe Now Available in Maharashtra

Straps*Furniture Masters Revolutionizes Luxury Furnishing Across India
*From Pune to Nationwide: A Journey of Opulent Design and Affordability

Pune: Furniture and interior decoration play a pivotal role in embellishing any home, office, or commercial establishment, transforming it into an alluring space. For the past 18 years, Furniture Masters, renowned for their luxurious and captivating designs, have been crafting opulent furniture not only in China, Dubai, and European countries but now also catering to clients across Maharashtra and nationwide. This announcement came from the director of Furniture Masters, Shiv Agarwal, during a press conference, marking a significant milestone in the realm of luxurious furnishing.
Furniture Masters made a remarkable presence at the grand Architectural and Interior Designing Expo held at Pune’s Agriculture Ground. During a press briefing at their established stall, Shiv Agarwal remarked on the surge in demand for luxurious furniture in recent years, not just in homes, apartments, bungalows, or resorts, but also in business and corporate offices. This surge signifies a symbol of high-quality professionalism. Apart from furniture, they also specialize in lights, wallpapers, interior decoration, and painting, enhancing the aesthetics of homes, offices, schools, colleges, and IT companies. Recognizing the allure and durability of furniture crafted in China or European countries, we have decided to make these exquisite pieces available to people in Maharashtra and across the country. Today, we are proud to offer our customers captivating and luxurious furniture sourced from China, Dubai, or European countries.

#Fulfilling customer demands is our top priority: Lavesh Agarwal
During the press conference, the company’s other director, Lavesh Agarwal, revealed that today, we are making attractive and durable furniture available not only in Pune but also in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Rajasthan, and Gujarat. There has been a significant increase in people’s interest in our furniture. Responding to customer demand, we are striving to meet their expectations. Today, all the directors of the company, Ram Agarwal, Hanuman Agarwal, Ganesh Agarwal, Shiv Agarwal, along with myself, have adopted an exemplary approach based on architects’ and customers’ advice over the past 15 years. Under this initiative, we organize trips to China for citizens of various cities across the country. There, we arrange visits to companies offering top-quality, durable, and beautiful furniture. Later, we bring the furniture to India and install it in our customers’ homes according to their preferences. This method has earned us considerable customer trust, and today, thousands of satisfied customers are the key to our success. Fulfilling customer demands is our top priority.

#We want customers to our showroom and beautify their homes:Hanuman Agarwal
Director Hanuman Agarwal highlighted that the specialty of this imported furniture is its affordability compared to locally made furniture. He mentioned that to immediately serve architects and interior designers, Furniture Masters has established a state-of-the-art office on the Katraj-Ambegaon Road in Pune. Customers can gather information about luxurious and imported furniture upon visiting. We want customers to our showroom and beautify their homes and offices with our offerings

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