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WhizHack Secures Prestigious Award at DSCI FINSEC Conclave 2024

WhizHack, a fast growing vertically integrated cybersecurity company, proudly announces its recognition as the 1st runner-up in the DSCI (Data Security Council of India) Innovation Box at the FINSEC Conclave 2024. This accolade was awarded for WhizHack’s groundbreaking product, ZeroHack®️-S, a Ransomware Simulator IP that provides proactive guidance on potential ransomware vulnerabilities. The Annual FINSEC Conclave is a prestigious event that recognizes and honours strategic and innovative technology products that enhance the resilience of BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) and Fintech organizations.


WhizHack’s ZeroHack®️-S was celebrated for its exceptional ability to predict and mitigate ransomware threats, demonstrating a significant advancement in cybersecurity. ZeroHack exemplifies WhizHack’s commitment to proactive cybersecurity. The product features an adaptable, multi-layer security system that leverages signature-based detection along with sophisticated machine learning and deep learning algorithms. This integration ensures effective prediction and mitigation of zero-day attacks, providing organizations with robust protection against evolving cyber threats.


WhizHack also recently added the Dynamic Intelligent Shifting Sensors (DISS) to its main product, TRACE®️. This upgrade highlights WhizHack’s goal to make India digitally secure and self-reliant.


Dr. Milan Patnaik, CISO, Whizhack Technologies said, “We are incredibly honoured to receive this recognition at the DSCI FINSEC Conclave 2024. ZeroHack®️-S represents our commitment to proactive cybersecurity, leveraging advanced technologies to stay ahead of emerging threats. This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team and partners in creating a robust and secure cyber ecosystem.”


“India has seen some complex large-scale attacks in recent times from the healthcare sector to power grids and telecom operators, the impact on victims is getting severe by the day. This recognition is very encouraging for us as it pushes us to innovate and excel, staying ahead of the curve. Not just the large companies, the MSME sector is also plagued by ransomware. We are very hopeful that ZeroHack®️-S and DISS enabled TRACE®️ will add immense value to companies of varied scale and sectors”, he added.


As the first truly Indian company dedicated to creating a secure cyber ecosystem, WhizHack excels in product engineering, successful deployments, constant vigilance and human capital development. The company collaborates with premier academic research institutions in India, including multiple IITs and key research partners from Israel and USA. These partnerships are instrumental in driving WhizHack’s mission to advance cybersecurity through innovative solutions and international collaboration.

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